Is Fear Holding you Back?

At times have you felt that subtle but persistent fear creeping in before a big match, making you question your own abilities just moments before the whistle blows?

Group Coaching

Are the members of your team great individually, but need to gain mental strength and coordination in a team context?

Overthinking it?

Ever find yourself questioning if you’re truly capable, right before a crucial game or competition?

Are you Reaching your Potential?

Always wonder why your exceptional skills in practice seem to take an unexpected hiatus when it comes to the real deal on the field?


Programs are available for individuals or teams. A program is an extended coaching path. Often,athletes gain a broader understanding of themselvesafter attending a Program, this makes accessing aMental Coaching program easier.

Boot Camps

The Bootcamp focuses on one topic and offers tools that will assist athletes in overcoming their current situations. Those short programs are designed for those who want to learn more about a specific topic. This is the first step toward defining more in-depth the areas where athletes would benefit from individual coaching.

Group Coaching

A 60 minutes group session designed to connect athletes in different geographical locations. Designed to help athletes by sharing their own experiences to identify, and develop opportunities based on their str engths, and capabilities. Services are delivered face to face or through Skype/Zoom/Google Meet.


Sports coaching one-to-one is a 60-minute session, the focus is on identifying and developing opportunities based on the athlete’s strengths and capabilities, to help her/him achieve their peak performance. Services are delivered face to face or through Skype/Zoom/Google Meet.


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